Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I had to put in a plug for my daddy-o's blog today. He's pretty much on politics like stink on shit, as the saying goes. In fact, the saying goes that way from my dad's mouth pretty much a lot. This blog especially resonates with me because Dad recounts a story about my great-grandfather finding a way around a disenfranchising poll tax so that he could vote.

If I didn't make the case before, please, please, don't let this election, any election, pass without voting. GO VOTE!


  1. I voted. I maintained all my bithching rights for the next 4 years. Can't complain if you don't participate, ya know?


  2. My god Rebecca, how cool is your family? I thought "my dad" was an inside joke with a friend but this is actually your dad, and he's much like his daughter - eloquent, witty, and fascinating. Thanks for pointing at yet another blog to fall behind on. ;)