Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Family Portrait

We went on a hike. It was beautiful. I loved my family and the overcast day and all the creatures great and small whose paths we encountered. I wanted to capture the moment. I wanted a family photo. Maybe not this one.

The 9 YO looks genuinely happy, but the rest of us don't appear enthusiastic. This isn't the moment I had hoped to capture. We tried again.

Oops. Darn timer. One more time.

We could do better.

And here we lose the 9 YO. Nevermind. Some moments are best preserved in memory alone.


  1. Well, maybe it occasioned contemplation on the implications of climate change. Jesse is clearly worried here about the caribou, and George is fretting the polar bear. You I can't account for.

    Or, got Photoshop?

  2. Georgie came out from under her hat, though! Gotta love that. Maybe you can chop the smiles out of the different pictures and smack 'em all together. :>

  3. Of course, dear, I love to see pictures of you and my grandchildren. These are perfect. Let's put them up on the fridge like this, OK?

  4. A culture of impatience with photos in your household? Fantastically beautiful family, impatient or not.