Monday, July 5, 2010

And those arms!

I left this man and this landscape for a single existence in a desperate desert.

I have responsibilities here and a firm hand on the children, though those capable arms are hard to do without.

We'll have to call him Cowboy Captain Handsome Hubster, Ph.D. from now on. I think he even looks ... happy. Don't you think?

Unfortunately, cell service stinks there, so I can't call him at all. A tragedy, really. I suppose I'll just meditate on this image for a while.


  1. My heart hurts a little now. I'm such a sucker for
    1. Great Daddy's.
    2. Great Dadddy's that are HOT.

    Hope Dr. Ballenger returns safely soon!

  2. he does seem happy, there's a quiet bond with life that is secretly exuberant in people who have found peace ~ and no doubt a great love.

    congrats again, you two are an inspiration.