Thursday, March 24, 2016

RebL Nation Has a Home

I'm trying something new. It's not so much new as it is all the old stuff at a new place along with new things, which for me is something new. If you want to check it out, visit I'm still building, but you should take a look anyway. I already have a few testimonials -- all from my pal Michelle.

I imagine RebL Nation as a place for book chat and begging for freelance writing gigs. Mom-A-Tron should continue to be a place for personal sharing. I'm terrible at work/home boundaries, so this may not be how it works. Also, plenty of personal sharing goes on at Facebook and my kids are at an age where they deserve some privacy regardless of how much better the world is when I share their awesomeness. Ergo, what personal stories remain that could be told here?

This is the Ferris Bueller part where I tell you to go away. Go check out RebL Nation.